The World Slalom Skaters Association [WSSA] was formed in 2003 by a group of skaters whom have been practicing Freestyle Slalom since 1999. The sport was created through an integration of many skating style. It has evolved from its humble beginning to an internationally recognised skating style with skaters from all over the world numbering in the thousands.  WSSA aims is to provide a set of clear guidelines with which skaters all over the world can adopt to judge their skills and progress in the sport.  Being a fun sport, the rules have been drawn up and updated constantly to adapt to the ever changing sport of freestyle slalom. Over the years, WSSA has been mainly involved with only Classic Slalom, Speed Slalom and Battle Slalom.  However, a new category, Freestyle Slides, was adopted by WSSA in the year of 2006 as a new form of freestyle expression. 

As a result of numerous effort and hard work, WSSA has created a series of competitions numbering to about 220 to date and catered for the best skaters to pitch their skills.

In 2008, Singapore hosted the first WSSA World Slalom Championship with 18 countries of participation. In 2009, China with the recognition of FIRS endorsement, the second World Championship was organized and held in Shanghai Aug with 25 countries participating. The biggest and most successful event ever done anywhere in the world to date for freestyle slalom.

Today, WSSA have active members all over the globe consisting of 28 countries and is increasing every year. The organization not only consists of skaters but also include many other industries players. Eg; skate manufacturers, skate brands, distributors and retailers in the skating business.

WSSA will continue to strive for improvement to this sport through integrated effort of all who wish to contribute to the sports. In the years to come, WSSA’s aim is to develop this sport further by constantly setting new benchmark for skaters.  Most importantly, WSSA hope to promote freestyle skating as a lifestyle sport to all skaters regardless of age, gender and discipline.

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2015 WSSA Rule Book

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